Welcome to my blog.

I’m Leoni, the go-to-girl for all things concierge; I specialise in travel booking  and personal shopping. 

With what began as helping family and friends with their travel and lifestyle requests, has now turned into a career in concierge. I studied International Business at University and after I graduated 👩🏽‍🎓, I pursued my passion and worked in hospitality, events and concierge. After working within this industry for several years, I then decided to launch my own very own concierge company called CONSEAERGE and now I am wanting to share my travel and lifestyle recommendations with you all.

Grab your passport and pack your bags 🧳 because we’re going on the best adventure. I will be your personal concierge where I’ll take you to the best places around the world. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for takeoff as we get ready to jet-set 🛫.

My vision with CONSEAERGE is to give you access to the best destinations, hotels, restaurants and hot spots around the world 🗺. I will mainly be blogging about travel ✈️ with a sprinkle of lifestyle . This blog is for those that find the task of searching for hotels, restaurants and all other either daunting, time consuming or tedious, and for those that want a good recommendation and just love to stay informed on travel talk. 

I want CONSEAERGE to inspire those filled with wanderlust to sea the world 🌎 and to travel in style! 💁🏽‍♀️

I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me!